Training at Thunder Spirit Ranch


Thunder Spirit Ranch offers excellent training for all horses, mules and ponies!  Stallions welcome.  We have an excellent training program that uses safe, humane methods to give you a willing partner.  We start horses from the ground up giving your horse a solid foundation.  Both English and Western horses are accepted.  Our training program is based in a Reining style of riding for Western horses and Hunter style for English horses.  We can start or continue training your horse in a wide range of disciplines.  We specialize in Colt Starting, Barrel Racing and Reining.  We have cattle on site and offer training on cattle as well.  We also have miles of tough trails to develop a strong, well exposed trail horse.  TSR also offers advertising (photography included) for any horses in training with us that you may wish to sell, as well as sale preparation.  We also offer corrective training for horses with existing problems (bucking, rearing, kicking, biting).  

TSR also offers halter breaking, ground work, halter/showmanship training for younger horses (weanlings and older).

What's included in training at TSR:

- 5 training sessions per week
- Horses are groomed before and after each session
- Bathing when needed
- Board (Quality Hay, Oats, Fresh Water, Mineral+salt)
- Feeding of any special supplements you supply
- Blanketing
- Seasonal deworming
- Exceptional daily care
- Free riding lessons on your horse while (s)he is in training
- Advertising for sale any horse in training with us that you wish to sell (photography included)

Addition costs you may have (you will be notified before charged):

- Farrier Trims/Shoeing
- Seasonal Vaccines
- Teeth Floats
- Veterinary Costs
-Equine Chiropractor
-Equine Massage/Accupuncture


Starting/Training:  $800.00 / per month

Weanling Halter Breaking:  $250.00 / three weeks
(all horses in halter breaking also learn to tie, stand for grooming, and pick up their feet)

Weanling Halter/Showmanship Training:  $350.00 / per month

Yearling&Older Halter Breaking:  $350.00 / three weeks

Yearling&Older Halter Breaking/Ground Work:  $450.00/month

The Woods Program: ($950.00/per month)  
Our Woods Program is a great program for young or green horses that need miles.  Horses in this program begin their training at Thunder Spirit Ranch but in their 3rd week in training they spend the week camping at Spruce Woods Provincial Park.  While there, they spend 3-7 hours per day being ridden in the sandy hills.  This offers great exposure to the horses in an unfamiliar setting and all the extra time in the saddle improves the horses training skills significantly more than the traditional training.  This is a great option for those that want a solid trail horse but has also proven to be very effective in resetting a sour show horse!  

Training with Showing:  ($850.00 per month plus show entries and travel costs)
Many people know that the first few shows for a horse can be very overwhelming for them, and stressful for you.  We can do it for you!  Horses are in regular training for their discipline(s) and we haul them to shows and enter them in their classes and help them settle into their new jobs.  This is also a great option for those that simply don't have the time it takes to consistently put show miles on their horse.  You can choose how often your horse goes to a show whether it be once or even several times per month.

5% GST must be added to all prices.

View the photos below to see some of horses we've had in training!

Horse Training in Manitoba.