Want to learn to train horses? Become an Apprentice!

Thunder Spirit Ranch offers a unique apprentice program for those that are serious about becoming a part of the equine industry. Accepted applicants will be given the opportunity to participate in every aspect of a training and breeding facility. Apprentices at Thunder Spirit Ranch are given the opportunity to ride horses of every ability level, from starting their first assigned Project Horse to riding finished show horses. They will have the opportunity to assist in our equine breeding program. They will have the opportunity to participate in collecting stallions, shipping semen, and artificially inseminating mares, as well as the always exciting foaling season! We breed running bred AQHA registered quarter horses with the industries top bloodlines. Apprentices at Thunder Spirit Ranch are given also the opportunity to participate in the Show/Rodeo season if they wish. If you’re looking for an apprenticeship that allows you real experience riding and training and doesn’t only expect you to clean stalls and groom, this is a great chance for you. Our ranch focuses on Reining, Barrels and Cattle Work, but we get horses in for training for a wide variety of disciplines in both English and Western events to casual trail horses.  

For a person that wants to make a career in the horse industry, the best education is not in a college or university but in the actual world. You will start at the bottom and work your way up as with any profession in order to learn all aspects of the business. This is the true way to success. We here at Thunder Spirit Ranch offer this rare hands on opportunity to those willing to pay for the education they get here with hard work and dedication. You are expected to help with everything included in our business. You duties include but are not limited to: Riding broke horses in a variety of ways, cleaning stalls, training green horses, cleaning/organizing tack, working with and halter breaking foals, asisting with newborn foals and foaling, general care and feeding of horses, ground training young horses, doctoring injuries, breeding, stallion handling, grooming, bathing, minor clipping, braiding, keeping the yard tidy, and showing if you choose. The majority of your time each day is spent riding/training horses or observing training. We also go over some theory to make sure you become a knowledgable horse person. Our days are busy and hard work but we have a lot of fun.  

Many horse training apprenticeships have expensive tuitions but with our program, you are only responsible for your Food and Spending Money. You live here free and are also able to bring one horse of your own to board, if you have one, free of charge.  

Minimum 3 month commitment, application below. Those that complete the program(length varies between individuals) have the opportunity to stay and work for us in a paid position. 
1.  Print/fill out the Apprentice Application below and mail it back to us.  You may scan it and email it back instead.
2.  Fill out the Horse Experience Questionnaire and send it back to us(mail or email).  Be honest, your previous experience will not necessarily  be a factor in your acceptance.
3.  Send us a video of you riding.  It should be 5-10 minutes long and include any basic or special riding skills you have.  If you can ride in multiple disciplines, include this in your video.  You can mail us a DVD or send us a link for your video.
Apprenticeship Application Here is the file to print out, fill out and mail back to us. You may also scan the filled out form and email back to us if that is preferred. 143 KB
Horse Experience Questionnaire Print and fill out. 482 KB